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VetDigital develops your marketing to work for you.

  • More patients GUARANTEED
  • Customised marketing packages
  • Limited to 1 veterinary clinic per locality


    VetDigital helps vet practice owners to achieve their business objectives through customised marketing packages, strategy, branding and veterinary websites.


    VetDigital Essentials Package

    This marketing and communications package saves you time, takes away confusion and brings you more clients.

    A customised vet marketing and communications package that manages your social media, Google Ads, blogs, SEO and much more.


    Vet Marketing & Branding

    What are you looking to achieve with the business?  What’s the ‘DNA’? And what’s your ‘why’?

    Marketing and branding strategies together with business development structures that work for you.


    Veterinary Websites

    Evolve your current website or develop the next generation website that will work with your marketing plan.

    We can build the price into your VetDigital Essentials Package.

    Your practice is a ‘local’ business and this is the key to designing an effective and affordable marketing program.  You need to dominate your locality by focusing on this goal. We can achieve better outcomes at a much lower cost.

    VetDigital Essentials Package

    Monthly phone/skype/zoom review

    You will meet on screen with your dedicated VetDigital consultant, and work together to understand the upcoming communication pathways needed and reflect past activities and results.

    Social media management

    VetDigital supports your business with weekly customised social media posts, shared across your social media platforms allowing your clients to see localised and relevant content. We work with your dedicated contact, so we know what community activity you are involved in and stories from within the clinic.

    SEO managed and reported guaranteed results

    Search Engine Optimisation is not a set and forget activity. At VetDigital we continually review and update to ensure your website is working at optimal level. This is VetDigital’s commitment to getting your business to the top and keeping it there.

    Google Ads, Facebook Ads and social media campaign management     

    VetDigital prepare your website and social media to be utilised successfully across all social media campaigns. We do this by localising and personalising your content and instigating the campaigns in line with your business requirements. VetDigital keeps your business front of mind and top of the search results. As the costs of social media advertising campaigns are flexible, they are additional to the VetDigital Essential Package price and governed by you. (you choose how much to spend in addition to package cost)

    Additional – your choice of 12 hours per year of website updates or live chat feature

    We understand that a website should always be kept updated, which is why we have included 12 hours per year website development as a bonus option. Some months you will need website updates, such as adding a new member of staff profile and other months you won’t need anything at all. Your allowance simply rolls over in the months you don’t need it, giving you capacity for the months when you do.

    4 x monthly blog posts

    Our dedicated Veterinary writers create your four SEO-optimised monthly blog posts for website and social media use.

    Monthly e-newsletter

    Specifically written for your clients in combination with community and social media activity.

    Detailed monthly analytics reports

    We will report each month the analytics results of your website and social media activity, advise what activity will be done next and suggest where further promotions would increase ROI.

    On-line reputation alert

    We will both monitor your on-line reputation and help you respond to negative reviews and encourage positive ones. This is Essential today.

    Guaranteed location exclusivity

    We will only work with one Veterinary clinic per agreed area – guaranteed!

    Simple monthly fee — 18 month contract, direct debit option



    Current or New Website?

    We work with your current website or we can build a new one – its your choice.  We can build this cost into your 18 month contract.

    Talk to us about your website needs.

    About Us

    The VetDigital team has worked across Veterinary, Medical and Dental sectors for almost 30 years. When marketing and communication programs are put in place, the result for the individual clinic and the industry is dramatic. VetDigital understand that you and your practice are committed to providing the best quality Veterinary care, and we want to facilitate this. Whether that be attracting new clients by engaging with your community and demonstrating your clinical outcomes or by helping you manage your current client base through engaging communication.

    VetDigital is for Vets.

    VetDigital is an Australian owned and operated company.

    Meet The Team

    Ian Shapland MBA
    Co-Founder – VetDigital

    Ian Shapland - co-owner of VetDigital marketing agency

    Ian is an Approved Advisor with a focus on Marketing & Business Development. His expertise heralds from 30+ years working across the Veterinary, Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical industries consulting in traditional & online marketing. Ian is passionate about driving your business growth by getting your brand to work for you.


    Blair Shapland
    Co-Founder – VetDigital


    Blair is passionate about business growth and online performance.   He has spent the last 6 years consulting to organisations to improve their human capital through talent acquisition of digital professionals.  Blair looks forward to seeing your business grow as much as VetDigital does.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I start?

    Very simply, fill out the contact form below and we will get the ball rolling.

    There will be some things we need such as access to your website details and social media accounts, but we will work with you or a team member to collect this

    How does the guarantee work?

    If we do not increase all the key indicators of a successful on-line marketing campaign over your previous on-line campaigns, either managed by another agency or yourself, based on the same monthly budget.

    Or, amortised per dollar, we will not charge you for the VetDigital Essentials Package  until we do exceed your previous results.

    How does the exclusivity clause work?

    We will only work with one veterinary clinic per agreed area – guaranteed.

    How do we work together on social media?
    Part of a strong social media campaign should be localised content, therefore it is important for us to know what is going on at the practice and in your local community. To help us achieve this, our platform has a simple on-line form for one of your team to complete each week. We want to know if you have done any charity work, sponsored the local soccer team, had an amazing patient case that you would like to share or if anything special has happened to one of your team. The form will only take 5 mins each week to complete and we take responsibility for contacting your allocated team member to help collect the local information we need.

    How does the 12 hour/year website updates work?

    Some months you will need website updates, such as adding a new member of staff profile and other months you won’t need anything at all. Your allowance simply rolls over in the months you don’t need it, to have capacity for the months when you do.

    How do you measure ROI?

    Through our detailed monthly reports, you will see all the activity your VetDigital Essentials Package has created for you. We will also help you put systems in place to track what has happened at the clinic level and the value the program is providing you.

    Can I cancel?

    Just like you we hate to lose a customer, but if you are not happy then we are not happy. If you are concerned about any aspect of your campaign we request that you bring this to our attention at our monthly phone or Skype meetings or indeed at anytime so we have the opportunity of resolving any issues. However, no matter what, you are free to cancel at anytime after the first four months with one month written notice.

    * Does not apply to Full Website Builds.

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