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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have access to your website and social media accounts, and have had an initial discussion regarding your business and marketing objectives, we will provide you with a quarterly content plan with topics that are specifically tailored to your vet clinic.

All that is needed after this point is approval of the social media, blog and email newsletter content we produce each month. The VetDigital team does the rest.

Of course! While our marketing and communications packages ensure regular and consistent content on your social media accounts, supplementing this with your own content will really amp up the engagement with your clients. We work hard to write your social media content in your vet clinic’s “tone of voice”, so your clients won’t notice the difference who is posting on your account.

We can work with vet clinics that specialise in any animals, procedures or specialities. When you engage VetDigital we take the time to understand your vet practice, what makes your practice special, and the key business objectives you are trying to achieve. We then work with you to formulate a content strategy that focuses on your points of difference as a vet clinic, as well as promoting the key services and procedures you offer.

When looking for a new clinic to call home, veterinarians and nurses will find confidence in your reputation, reviews, consistent social media activity and brand ethos.

The question to ask yourself, if you were looking for a clinic to call home, would you want to work for you? By marketing your vet practice, your brand and online presence will help draw new team members (along with new clients) to your clinic.

All content we create is tailored for your vet clinic. That’s what makes VetDigital different. You won’t see the same social media graphic posted across multiple vet clinics. What we do is highly personalised, and that’s why our marketing and communications packages help you to meet your business objectives.

Our marketing and communications packages are designed to work without the need to spend any additional money on social media advertising. If you do however wish to reach a wider audience, we can assist in the “boosting” of posts, or additional advertising.

All of our clients notice results soon after engaging VetDigital. This is in terms of more clients, old clients returning, and more engaged clients. Each quarter you will meet with a member of the VetDigital team to discuss the results of the marketing and communications activities, with reporting provided to show the progress of marketing and communications activities.

All of the content we create is personalised for your vet clinic. However, if it’s important to you that the VetDigital team doesn’t work with another vet clinic in your local area, then we can customise your marketing and communications package to include area exclusivity.

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