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4 reasons why your vet clinic needs to blog

Blogs are one of the top ways to drive traffic to your website and help push your site up the rankings on Google.

Pet owners are always looking for information about how to care for their cat, dog, horse, alpaca or exotic animal. And the number one person they trust to provide advice on how to look after their beloved pet is you – a vet.

So why aren’t you blogging? Here are 4 reasons your vet clinic needs to start a blog.

1. Provides value to your clients and potential clients

Longer-form educational articles – known as blogs – are a great way to provide “value” to your community. They help you to engage with your current clients and attract new clients to your vet clinic.

Blogs can be written about a wide range of topics, from pet care advice and articles on common conditions to detailed accounts of common procedures you perform at your clinic. Articles such as these can take some time to write, however, this is one task that is quite easy to outsource.

2. Gives you plenty of “fresh” content

Blogs create new content for your site – which Google loves and will reward you by bumping your page up the search engine results ranking.

Additionally, HubSpot has found that “1 in 10 blog posts are also compounding”. This means that long after you’ve posted a blog, people will be continuing to find your blog on Google, and the traffic to your vet clinic website will steadily increase over time.

Blogs also give you plenty of content for your social media. You can post a link to your blog, and then down the track, easily repurpose your blog content for a separate social media post, which gives you more bang for your buck!

3. Helps with website traffic and keyword ranking

Blogs help to increase the visibility of your site to a broader audience. Each time you write a new blog for your vet clinic, your website will be ranked in Google search. The more blogs you post that are relevant to your community, the higher Google will list you on their search engine results pages.

A blog can help with your vet clinic Google rating

This all leads to better brand awareness, which in turn, results in more engagement with your current clients, and lots of new clients through your door.

4. Builds authority and gives you credibility

Blogs are a great way to build trust with your local community. By providing relevant, timely and authoritative information from a source your readers can trust – a local vet – you will start to build trust and loyalty with your audience.

Blogs on common ailments, answering questions about how to care for pets at their different life stages and advances in vet care are all blog topics well-received by animal lovers.

Are you ready to start a blog for your vet clinic?

Blogs are a great way to build brand awareness and engagement with your local community. They also are a great way to drive traffic to your website; which is key to getting bumped up the rankings on Google.

However, writing blogs that are relevant, search engine optimised and engaging can be quite a time-consuming activity.

That’s where VetDigital can help. Our team of experienced writers can plan, research and deliver content that answers all of the pet-related questions your community is asking.

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