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3 examples of how a personal touch can build a stronger community

When starting the journey of building a community around your vet clinic, it’s important that you add some of “yourself” to the community.

Engaging and educating your community are important, but a true community needs to feel connected to your clinic if they are to become a significant driver of business growth.

We take a look at three examples of how a personal touch can build an authentic, long-lasting connection between your vet clinic and your local community.

1. Let your clients in

Stronger connections will be made when your community feels like they know you. That doesn’t mean they need to know everything about you, but they need to have a sense of who you are as owner of the practice. Be clear about your personal values. Be open and honest if things go wrong or if it’s been a bad day. Share a little about yourself. By being genuine, people will see you as the person behind the practice, rather than just seeing a business.

2. Inject personality

Any brand needs to stand out from their competitors, and a vet clinic isn’t any different. If your clinic was a person, what would their personality be? Quirky, fun, environmentally conscious, family-oriented? Once you’ve worked out your key personality trait, make sure this shines through in your online interactions with your community. This can be in the choice of imagery you use online, or the phrasing your use in your social media posts.

3. Express gratitude

Don’t forget to let your community know they are important to you. Appreciation posts when a client thanks you are easy to do but show that you really do value your customers. Having a happy, valued community means they are very likely to share their happy thoughts about you and your vet clinic far and wide!

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This is an excerpt of a blog written by VetDigital and posted on VetAnswers. You can read the full article here.

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